Due to Corona, not everything is checked for the year. Please inform us of possible problems.

Bring maps and/or a gps with you when walking.

Please let us know if you have any questions, comments, if something is wrong or if something should (not) have been included,

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Current news:

Ivarsbjörke -lysvik måndag 10 augusti 17:00. Starts at Uddeberg/Ivarsbjörke railway station. Leader: Berit Folkesson, 0730 301310
bada herrgård-lysvik tisdag 11 augusti 13:00. Starts at Bada Herrgård. Leader: Berit Folkesson, 0730 301310
arvidstorp-Östra Ämtervikonsdag 12 augusti 19:00. From Arvidstorp to the church of Östra Ämtervik Start in Arvidstorp Göran Bengtsson, Bo Ulfvenstierna 0703539355
munkebacka -sunne torsdag 13 augusti 10:00. From Munkebacka to the church of Sunne. Direction post at the turnoff to Fasterud. Tommy Bergström, 0703 53 57 21, Torbjörn Wictorin, 0722 19 78 15