Always check the news page before walking. Lysvik is located at the eastern shore of lake Fryken, about halfway between Sunne and Torsby. In Lysvik there is a church, hostels, a community center, and a camping.

Natural and cultural memories

The church of Lysvik was built starting in 1753 and was completed in 1762. The baptismal font is from the 13th century and from the first parish church of Lysvik, located at the place of the current farm Lund, almost one kilometer north of the present church. The first church was a stave church from the 12th century, located at the current Ransby homestead, where the river Lysan flows into the Fryken. There is also "Kyrkkällaren" (the church cellar) and the field is still called "kyrkgärdet" (the church field).

On the other side of the road Strandvägen, opposite from the current church, there is a house that until the 1930s was used as an inn.

As you continue your path to the north and down to the bay there are visible traces of two sawmills on both sides thereof. The sawmills was in operation until 1940 and employed around 75 people at most. A little further on the way is a sign that points to the folk museum and the hostel.

The folk museum of Lysvik was originally situated by the road from the church and was from 1846 used as the first school in the village, On weekends, the school functioned as a parish hall. In 1932, a new school was built and in connection with this, the history society took over the old building. It was at first moved to the church premises, but in 1983 it was moved again to its current location.

Berga, which today is a hostel run by local history association, was built as a residence in the 1830's. In 1904, Berga was bought by the Lysvik Municipality and served as home for the elderly until 1971. In connection with the unification with Sunne, the new retirement home, Sjövik, was built. Sjövik, now sheltered homes for the elderly, is located in the bay where the sawmills previously existed.

From the folk museum, follow the markings over the fields if you walk, if you are motorized, drive back to the road, take to the left under the viadict, then at the crossing shortly thereafter, take to the left. The wanderer arrives directly at Canis, the old folk park, best known for the 'Fröken Fräken' festivals. Sven-Ingvar played there until the mid-1990s. Now, continue the old road, passing some beautifully located summer cottages, and at the sharp bend of the road is a shore with excellent possibilities for swimming and fantastic pine roots that are perfect for kids to climb all times of the year. When you continue the road you will notice that it is an old pathway. The hiker can make small a detour at the signs that points to the Bronze Age graves and follow the path along these, who are 17 in number. In 1880, a 10 cm long spearhead from the Bronze Age was found during cultivation work at Västra Berga. Along the trail, there are signs telling about the history of the tombs. You can follow the trail until the Bada Manor where it ends at the river and a detour has to be made be up to the larger road. Bada marks the border to another municipality, Torsby, the northernmost and to the area's largest municipality in Värmland.


Lysvik is an old farmland and still there are cattle that keep the landscape open. Coniferous woods is dominating, but there is also deciduous trees. Bird watchers can find different seabirds the bay. In the forests there are small game, but you can also (if you're lucky) get to see moose, wolves and wild boar.


Lysvik is located at Fryksdalsbanan between Sunne and Torsby and transport is possible by train and bus (202). See Värmlandstrafik for more information about the county traffic.


  • In Lysvik there is a camping with cabins.
  • At Berga, there is a year-round open hostel.
  • At Bada, there is a B/B.
  • There are also private rooms for rent.

Food and provisioning

Opposite the church is a well-stocked general store and a pizzeria open around the year. A little south of the church is also "Mormors glasscafe" (icecream shop) and out on the cape the restaurant Frykens Pärla The latter two are beautifully situated at the lake Fryken and both are open during the summer.